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  • This is the place to sign up to talk with other women who are living life as flattops. We also love to be a support to ladies who are going through the surgery. This a very loving, supportive, and small group.

    As of August 2013, Yahoo Groups (our mailing list server) has changed over to a design they call "Neo." It's not user-friendly and is very clunky and confusing. It's easiest to sign up for the list online once, and then afterward participate exclusively through e-mail. Dealing with health issues, the last thing we want is something complicated. So, I wanted to share some information on how you can be a member and not have to visit the confusing website interface but once, to sign up.

    On this page: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/flattops/join, once you have joined, the recommended settings are:

    * Daily Digest. You'll get one e-mail a day (or less, if no one writes).

    * Traditional. The messages will be in plain text and listed in the order in which they came in.

    During sign up, you will be prompted to tell a bit about yourself and your cancer/pre-cancer journey. This little note will be shared with all group members. This does two great things: (1) We'll know you're not a spammer, and (2) We'll be able to welcome you!

    Once you join, your messages can be posted to [email protected] directly from the e-mail account you used to sing up. (But no posts will get through to this address if you aren't a member, so please don't try to post without joining.)

    Also, please delete any other ladies' previous messages if replying to a message. That is the most important rule on the list that will help make the e-mails we receive very streamlined and easy to read.

  • Rules

  • This is the place to check to make sure you're minding your Ps and Qs and dotting your Is and crossing your Ts (or is it, dotting your Ts and crossing your eyes?) when using the website forum.

    Do you have ideas for articles you'd like to see on the site? Did you write an article you'd like to submit? Be sure to send them in. Thank you!