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This section is reserved for articles which don't quite fit in with other sections on the site. It will be expanded as time goes on. Do you have ideas for articles you'd like to see on the site? Did you write an article you'd like to submit? Be sure to send them in. Thank you!

  • Flattops Sampler

  • This magazine is a sampler of Flattops, providing snippets of the most popular sections of the website. It's a sweet little gift for someone you know who has had mastectom(y/ies), women without Internet access, and--of course--it's also a lot of fun to print out for yourself. It can be special to have something tangible--it can help you feel like you're not alone. Clicking above will open a PDF and, due to being formatted like a book, the PDF has to be printed out in landscape orientation to be read.

  • Flips and Flops of Flattops

  • This article takes a bit of a humorous look at post-mastectomy/prostheses wear (while also clearly demonstrating why changes need to be made). If you have an "uh-oh!" story to share, please do!

  • Fully Flat: A Look at Living Prostheses-Free

  • The author talks about how wearing prostheses (especially for people who have had bilateral mastectomies) can actually be a choice!

  • How to Think When it Comes to "Pink" (Downloadable brochure)

  • Especially around October, "pink" items abound in stores. If you'd like to spread awareness about how others can make educated purchases, this downloadable article can help! It's intended to be printed on both sides of a sheet of paper, creating a traditional tri-fold brochure.

  • Lymphedema

  • Lymphedema is rarely talked about, even though perhaps nearly 1/3 of women have it post-mastectomy! Lymphedema causes swelling due to lymph fluids draining poorly. Sheri kindly shares some tips of what has helped her reduce the effects of her lymphedema, and Melissa, whose mother had lymphedema, shares what her mother did.

  • Open Letter to Manufacturers

  • For women who have chosen to wear prostheses, there may be issues with finding the perfect post-mastectomy products. It may be intimidating to write your own personal letter to manufacturers expressing your concerns. This article is one you may print out and send to companies.

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