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    Flips and Flops of Flattops

    Wear prostheses? If so, then you probably have some stories of your own! Want to share? If so, please send them in. (If you're a listmember (and thus know my e-mail address), you can send them directly to me, or to the list--just let me know that the stories are meant for this page).

    Swimsuit Slips

    A Stretchy Situation
    by Vicki

    Due to a car accident, I had to have pool therapy (which is why I needed a bathing suit). Well, I put my really nice prostheses in the special cups and I looked great.

    I went into the pool and discovered that my chest (still in the bathing suit pockets) went up around my neck as I was floating there! Fortunately, it was just women and it was for therapy, so no one cared.

    I sure did! I found out that swimwear is very s-t-r-e-t-c-h-y.

    Slip and Slide
    by Karen T.

    I have five weeks and one day before I return to Kefalos (which is on the beautiful Greek island of Kos). I'm so excited that when I try to tell people about it I can't speak! I have started to prepare things. I have some stuff in a case. I have started sewing as I cannot find any suitable tops to wear--and don't even get me started on the so-called mastectomy swimwear. Why can't the people who actually have a breast prosthesis design the stuff? It was worse when I was new to the whole breast prosthesis thing because if it said "mastectomy" I trusted it. What a mistake.

    I had spent a fortune on two swimming costumes--both from a special mastectomy supplier. A bikini and a full cossie. Because they were so expensive (you are looking at four times the price of equivalent non-mastectomy suits) and because they were (apparently) designed for those who had undergone mastectomy, I never had any reason to doubt either their function or practicality.

    I agreed to go to the swimming pool with my friend. I had a bit of a swim, but after about 15 minutes (I was still recovering from chemo) I was tired and went to get out. As I got to the steps of the pool I realized that my breast form was on my collar bone! I slipped back in the water and rearranged it, but this was really not easy. Ironically enough the reason why it was not easy was because the pocket was holding it in place! Anyhow, I put it back in a semblance of the right place, went to the steps, and got out. I bent to pick up my towel and stood with my head down while I towel dried my hair. I was even more horrified to discover that the wretched breast form was now swinging around - by my knee.

    Just like that I had two different sized breasts, one a 38D, the other a 38 ZZ.

    (Karen T.'s article originally appeared in her blog. It is reprinted with permission.)

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