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Here's all the nitty-gritty about the site. If you see anything missing that you wonder about, just let me know!

What's a Flattop?

A flattop is a type of hairstyle typically worn by males, consisting of . . .

No, not that kind of flattop! The term, as coined by this site's founder in 2006, refers to a lady who has chosen to remain "natural" after a mastectomy surgery. Some flattop ladies have had unilateral mastectomies, others have had bilateral surgeries. "Flattop" does not refer specifically to women who choose not to wear prostheses. If you are someone who has chosen not to have reconstruction following a mastectomy or mastectomies)--whether or not you wear prostheses-- then you qualify as a "flattop!"

The site is intended for anyone to visit and read. Some of the pages may be helpful to ladies who are having mastectomies and reconstruction (such as the drain belt pattern). Families of cancer patients will find crafts that may bring cheer to their loved ones. And people who have been flattops for years will love connecting with ladies on the mailing list, or finding out which celebrities have also had mastectomies.

Hopefully the site will help bring a smile, and reassure you that you're not alone.

Is Everything Confidential?

While this site is all about encouraging women to feel more comfortable with their decision, there are still individuals who may not want the whole world to know. Some women may even opt to undergo mastectom(y/ies) without informing friends or family (trust me, once you've told one person--you've told everyone!). Here are ways in which your identity is attempted to be protected on the site:

  • My e-mail address is set up to accept e-mails sent from free accounts like Hotmail or Yahoo Mail. By getting a free Hotmail or Yahoo account for use only with the Flattops site, you can maintain your anonymity with friends and family while still being able to fully participate in the mailing list and website.

  • The mailing list allows for members to "hide" their e-mail addresses. This is a special setting that only works when you post directly from the list page.
  • You need only go by a first name when participating in any article on the site. You may use a psuedoym if that makes you feel more comfortable, but please make it a realistic name, since that helps keep the site more personable.

  • Does This Site Endorse Brands?

    Brands are mentioned on the site in many instances. When brands are mentioned, it is because one individual has found a specific, name-brand product to be helpful. It does not mean that the site endorses the product, nor that the product will work for you.

    This website has no affiliation with any product or company. This helps maintain its integrity. If you see ads on the website, they are placed there by the compan(y/ies) providing free web services.

    Why does the logo look the way it does?

    The logo is just a play on words of "flattop," by giving the logo a bit of an odd hairdo! The logo character is Grace, and there is a free signature rag doll available on the website that looks just like the logo. Grace the doll is a special doll for cancer patients--visit http://www.flattops.webs.com/ragdoll.html to find out why.

    May I Print Pages?

    Yes and no. The website is not meant to be redistributed, but there may be times when you need to print out a pattern or just want to take time to read a longer article off-line. Pages may be printed directly from the site, but not copied and redistributed. Please instead pass along webpage addresses, so others can find the site. The more people who come, the more who can be helped directly. The mailing list, for example, is a very friendly place, and we don't want to miss out on getting to know ladies who might be helped by it. Also, the site content is copyrighted by its respective authors.

    Printing pages off the site has a trick to it. Websites are designed to have wide pages to fit computer screens, whereas printers are designed to print narrow pages. If printing an article off the site, it's recommended that you set the page orientation to landscape rather than the default of portrait. Where the orientation option is will vary by printer. Pattern sheets, which are designed to be printed, are made for portrait orientation.


    Nothing on this website should be construed as medical advice. Consider it like talking to your friends. Some things they say are valid, and some things they say (let's face it) are just plain nuts. So if you don't mind hanging out with some zany ladies and not taking what we say too seriously, you're more than welcome here. But do know that no one here can be held legally responsible if you follow our advice only to realize we didn't have any idea what we were talking about.


    Nothing on this website should be construed as medical advice. Please be sure to speak to your doctor if you have a medical question.